Souvenirs #4

  Pfiouuuuuuu time flies and it had been such a long time I haven’t wrote anything here. Not because inspiration is gone, not at all, only because we have one life and not enough time for everything and all the projects we have in mind. But hey, here I am again, piling up some memories. […]

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welcome home,

I don’t talk much about interior and inspiration but if I could spend my life (and being paid) doing moodboards and searching for inspiring images, I’ll do. As we are re-doing and decorating our brand new office, I am looking for tons of ideas and some easy DIY. For the moment I’m more into some […]

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Apéritif with Tamara,

I love to meet people and talk with them about different kind of topics. I spent a nice moment when I talked about fashion and Vogue with Emine or when I had a healthy conversation with Larissa. Today, I wanted to have a « career » talk with Tamara, a brilliant and kind Communications specialist who co-owns with her […]

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5 days in Greece,

Coming back from Indonesia wasn’t easy at all but before booking our plane tickets we already though about it and planned a second sunny trip right after we landed in Belgium. When I say « right after » I mean like less than 12 hours after… You can imagine that we were just a « bit » tired after […]

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Nusa Lembogan,

And here goes the last chapter of our Indonesian trip…. and what a nice way to end it, with Nusa Lembogan. Nusssaaaaaaaaaaa nusssaaaaaaaaa the wonderful, the beautiful, the incredible, the perfect island in front of Bali. What a little piece of heaven on earth ! I not only love this place for its incredible beaches […]

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Gili islands,

The wonderful Gili islands… We spent 4 days in these tiny islands composed by three small atolls : Trawangan, Air and Menos. We stayed on Trawangan, on the other side of the island where it is a little bit more relaxed than at the port – if you’re looking for partying and beach parties, it […]

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I’ve been invited two days ago to the grand opening of Gaston, a stunning restaurant which also has a marvelous rooftop bar or should I say a garden-rooftop-bar ? Because not only the place is absolutely charming but the rooftop !(!!!) Let’s talk about that. Finally a real pretty big rooftop in Gent. Situated in the […]

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