Rio de Janeiro


Rio, Rio, Rio ! Last march, we travelled to Brazil for two small weeks. Yes, I say « two small weeks » because it means zero in terms of travelling when you go visit Brazil. The country is so huge that you only have time to visit Rio and run to visit some other gems around the city.

Rio has its own particular vibe, there is a mix between dancing happy tropical vibe and huge urbanism. The city has been built between tropical jungle and ocean. It is quite amazing to see how nature is still around the big-not very pretty- buildings.

We stayed first in Copacabana, which I have to admit, isn’t my favorite district… well known in the 60’s for its famous bay, you won’t find the cool and nice restaurants in that area. On another not too far away bay, there is Ipaneeeeemaaaaa, which I absolutely love. Maybe because of its surf-cool-hip vibe ? Yeah probably.

Last but not least : Santa Teresa. An extra-cute neighborhood where you go back in time. Up on a hill, you have a crazy view on the endless city of Rio. It takes even more your breath away when you spend an evening sipping a few caipirinhas and watch the sunset.



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