Le petit gadget : Lingolistic


As you previously read, I ADORE small gadgets and new apps. Today I’m going to talk about Lingolistic, a brand new app launched not so long ago which helps you to improve a language skills.

I love to learn new things and new languages. It’s always a pleasure after to be able to connect with someone from another country in his own language. As you also may notice I love to write in English (and I’m French) because of its funny and easy combinations of words. But my favorite language of all time is Italian. Aaaaaaaah Italy ! So when it comes to learn a language, there are already tons of app about it. But my problem isn’t to learn a new one, my issue is that to speak a language perfectly and remember it, I have to practice it as much as I can. How can I do that when you’re in the fast train of life and everything goes fast and you don’t even have time to go to the grocery shop (okay I exaggerate but the idea is there… :)) well, for that problem your solution is :  Lingolistic

Really easy to use and perfect when you have five minutes waiting for the metro, this app is the perfect ally to reinforce a language.

Usable on your phone as an app or directly on the website, I suggest you have a look at Lingolistic





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