The art of blogging,


Ooooh blogs. These incredible platforms where you can easily spend a few hours scrolling down and adding some pretty pictures to your Pinterest. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I even consider Instagram like a blogging platforms. Some people just don’t need a website anymore to express their creativity (show their booty).

I grew up with blogs. I kinda know them by heart and I’ve been smart enough to turn my wasting time on Internet into a marketing skill. Whaaat ? Let me explain. When blogs started 10 years ago, I was a student and like tons of people at my age I didn’t really know what I wanted but these website inspired me. They showed me images and poetry that I’ve never seen before. I was reading French blogs but also English ones. Like Tumblr, oh my ! I could have spent hundred of hours reading melancholic sentences or funny punchlines. Okay, on a normal angle, you would think « what a waste of time, you could have read a book instead or go out and work out ». Well, yes, I could have work out more but I have a flash news for you my Conscious, I hate working out ! Second, even with my wasting time, I had time to read real books and see the sunlight.

That is something that I hate about old people saying these kind of stuff. It’s not because you enjoy spending time scrolling down that it means that you’re a anti-social vampire (yeah because everybody knows that there are also super-social vampire). The secret in not becoming a lonely geek is : balance. Like everything in life, you need balance (but that’s up for another article). Going back to what I said, spending time on Internet gave me a perspective and strengthen my creativity.

When I arrived for the first time at 18 years old at the Elle Magazine in Paris, I was another intern in the middle of interns. Nothing very different for the people working there all year. But what made my path different from the others was my knowledge about blogs. It was the time when the paper industry still though that she was invincible. I made my way from a magazine to a french maison de couture and now to entrepreneur because it all started at first with blogs. Blogs became my specialty and it was quickly a must to add it to my résumé.

Next time, I will really talk about the art of blogging and everything that comes with it. But for now, it’s time to scroll a bit 🙂




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