Souvenirs #4


Pfiouuuuuuu time flies and it had been such a long time I haven’t wrote anything here. Not because inspiration is gone, not at all, only because we have one life and not enough time for everything and all the projects we have in mind. But hey, here I am again, piling up some memories.

In order of appearance

1 & 2

Summer took a long time to shine up here, we had to wait for the end of August for some real heat. You can imagine how excited I was about all the potential picnics and flower pictures I could do. 

3 & 4

Lucy in the sky with diamonds. No, not really. Lucy the cat mix matching with our green wall in the backyard. And because of her incredible green eyes, it made me think of our little city trip in Delft (NE), which was oh, so romantic. The Netherlands have so many little cute towns built around little canals. It gives a particular charm and atmosphere to it.

5 & 6

Some more about Delft and some arrangement I prepared with those delicious watermelon. I’ve never finished the arrangement because I ate it all…

7 & 8

Indian Summer got me into that boho chic style that I love to do once or twice a year. I love to wear scarfs in my hair but for a full day at work, running everywhere it isn’t the best. I’ve also found my perfect/favorite/amazing jumpsuit ever on Asos with this Brigitte Bardot collar that I love so much. On the other side, no boho chic summer for this man, who bought a super cool drone. Yes, we spent our afternoon learning how this aerial thing works. Be prepare for our next exotic trip, we’ll have some funky nice pictures to show you…

9 & 10

I cut my hair ! One day I woke up, when straight to the hair salon and chopped off everything. Well… not everything but damn, it feels good ! Okay I must admit the very next days I wasn’t very sure about it until I found the good way to put them into my style (that will be another blog post). September was at a special rhythm. The beginning of plenty projects and Fashion Week (!) my friends ! Whoop whoop, fashion season has kicked off and I was there, like every year, to help the US version of the Marie Claire Magazine. The photo jus besides is my favorite show of the season, probably because I love the brand so much (?)(yes probably…) : ACNE Studios. Amazing.

11 & 12

Straight after Fashion Week madness, Yves and I drove to South of France where all my family gathered to celebrate my mum’s birthday. A lot of cheese, wine, champagne and other delicious food from la Provence.




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