Nusa Lembogan,

And here goes the last chapter of our Indonesian trip…. and what a nice way to end it, with Nusa Lembogan.

Nusssaaaaaaaaaaa nusssaaaaaaaaa the wonderful, the beautiful, the incredible, the perfect island in front of Bali.

What a little piece of heaven on earth ! I not only love this place for its incredible beaches but I adore it because it is still quite protected from the crowd. Not a lot of tourists come there (I mean, less than other islands in Indonesia such as…. Bali !?)

The island is quite small and you can definitely do everything with a scooter. Oh ! Scooter at night, when it’s 35 degrees and you have wind in your hair while singing Frank Sinatra…. that’s a synonym of happiness for me.


We were supposed to stay 2 days on Nusa, but we loved it so so so much that we ended our trip there by staying 5 nights. Probably the longest stay of our holidays. But the island is so….. !!!!

It is quite difficult to express myself when every time I look at the pictures and get very nostalgic of the place.

Moreover, the islands has great food spots for healthy or non-healthy people (hahah ! I am totally a non healthy person, if only you knew how much cheese I eat per day…) AND great surf spot !

Oh let’s talk about the surfing time. First time in my life I tried this sport. You have to know that I was always kind of obsessed with surf. Read all the books, watched all the movies, gathered plenty of pictures, I know the surf superstars and I am even capable of saying the 5 biggest waves in the world. But let me laugh a bit…. I never surfed until this trip. HAHA. What a big joke I am. Well…at the end of the day I did it and heyyyyy I didn’t do it so wrong. Actually, I though that I would be a mess. I told Yves « so we are going to do surf for the next 2 hours for the first time… don’t worry if after 20 minutes I’ll be laying on my board chilling out okay? » No seriously, I never though I would take some waves, stand up and ride on it. Like N-O     W-A-Y. But I did it* (: and I must admit I am pretty proud of myself and we continued to surf until the end of our trip.

*Note to yourself, I obviously drunk a lot of salt water and fell like a newbie. I am sure healthy people would say that salt water is good for something in your body no ?


So I could write until the end of my life about Nusa Lembogan, telling you stories and tales about this place but I am pretty sure you won’t read this article to the end and I really want you to see the pretty pictures we took there.

Before turning the chapter of Indonesia, here are some nice adresses in Nusa Lembogan that you definitely have to try if you get there :


Mama Mia – excellent fish, try the grilled prawns with home made sauce please !

Lemongrass – very nice place / good for drinks

Bali Eco Daily – healthy & super cool

Sandy Bay Beach club – for a chic & elegant evening


Dream beach – the best !

Mushroom beach

Paradise beach

(yes I know they all have fantastic names) 











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