I’ve been invited two days ago to the grand opening of Gaston, a stunning restaurant which also has a marvelous rooftop bar or should I say a garden-rooftop-bar ?

Because not only the place is absolutely charming but the rooftop !(!!!) Let’s talk about that. Finally a real pretty big rooftop in Gent. Situated in the north of Gent, in an old factory, the place kept all the charms of brick walls and twisted it into a cool American kind of vibe.

When the sun is on your side (which didn’t happen when I went there) you can chill on relaxing beds while sipping a Gin Tonic or if you feel like in St-Tropez, you can play la pétanque with some friends or strangers (as you wish !).

I am definitely coming back, but this time, when the sun will be out !



9000 GENT








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