5 days in Greece,

Coming back from Indonesia wasn’t easy at all but before booking our plane tickets we already though about it and planned a second sunny trip right after we landed in Belgium. When I say « right after » I mean like less than 12 hours after… You can imagine that we were just a « bit » tired after […]

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Nusa Lembogan,

And here goes the last chapter of our Indonesian trip…. and what a nice way to end it, with Nusa Lembogan. Nusssaaaaaaaaaaa nusssaaaaaaaaa the wonderful, the beautiful, the incredible, the perfect island in front of Bali. What a little piece of heaven on earth ! I not only love this place for its incredible beaches […]

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Gili islands,

The wonderful Gili islands… We spent 4 days in these tiny islands composed by three small atolls : Trawangan, Air and Menos. We stayed on Trawangan, on the other side of the island where it is a little bit more relaxed than at the port – if you’re looking for partying and beach parties, it […]

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I’ve been invited two days ago to the grand opening of Gaston, a stunning restaurant which also has a marvelous rooftop bar or should I say a garden-rooftop-bar ? Because not only the place is absolutely charming but the rooftop !(!!!) Let’s talk about that. Finally a real pretty big rooftop in Gent. Situated in the […]

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