After a first week in wonderful Bali, we took a small plane and discovered Lombok. 30 minutes by plane from Denpasar, Lombok is totally different than Bali.

First of all, the religion isn’t the same. Lombok is muslim and has a very interesting architecture, especially when it comes to mosques. Full of colors and huuuuuuge, they look like big sweet candies.

Known for its volcano and surf spots, Lombok is quite touristic but maybe not as much as Bali. We did’t visit the south, not because we didn’t want to but mostly because we were on our way to Gili islands and the easiest way was to visit first the north of Lombok.

The North is well known for the Mount Rinjani, the highest point and also the volcano. Not only the volcano is very impressive but just at the beginning of it, you can find some serious waterfalls. And when I say serious, I mean extremely high and powerful. They say that if you swim in one of them, your soul gets purified. You should normally take a waterfall bath once a week, but I am not sure I would be able to do so, especially when you have to hike and then jump into an extremely cold water 🙂


The road to Mount Rinjani is absolutely wonderful. Along the coast, between the jungle and the ocean, it takes approximately 2 hours to get there. The landscape is just unforgettable. And when you come back from your waterfall day, the sun is behind you and makes it even more magical.


We didn’t stay very long in Lombok, just a few days. We spent 2 days at Puri Mas Boutique Hotel , I wish we could have stayed longer in this beautiful place. It was one of my favorite place in Indonesia. Very quiet, so well decorated and perfectly situated, we spent a wonderful time sipping cocktails with our toes in the sand. lombok2We met some people on the road who didn’t have a good experience in Lombok, but on my point of view, it is a must to come and visit this island.










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