Seminyak + Uluwatu


For the second time, I went to Indonesia. The plan was to visit as much as possible and not stick to Bali, which I adore since the very fist time. But when you love, my dear, it’s pretty hard to get away.

We started our adventure in Seminyak where we had a wonderful hotel (Tony’s Villas) perfectly situated and very charming. As my biggest passion in life is to eat & drink, I had a list full of places to try. Obviously, not enough time, that’s why we came back at the end of our trip, just to try out the places we missed 😉


Seminyak is for me the same as Le Marais in Paris, extremely cool, full of nice and trendy cafés, the cutest shops ever. I guess I love it more than Le Marais mostly because of its perfect situation : 5 minutes from the ocean. I mean….perfect no ?

I love this place. From surfing to crazy shopping, you can do anything, and always with a cool chill vibe. Of course, this cool vibe is because of the hundreds of surfers you see passing by, but not only. Bali has this amazing relaxing vibe thanks to its religion : hinduism. What a wonderful way of life. Celebrating nature, respecting each other, always smiling.


I just love the fact that you can find temples in each house. And I am not talking about tiny-rikiki-temples, no, I am talking about serious temples.

The way of living totally charmed us. The perfect weather, wind in your hair on a scooter (hello I am 13 years old again), the morning surf (hello I am such a cliché but hey surf was really cool), the fresh tasty-yummy-iloveit fruits and travelling has never been so easy than in Bali and its islands.

We discovered so many places I can talk about, but instead of putting you through a thousands pictures, let’s focus on some. A few days ago, I talked about my favorite café in Seminyak : Revolver. Now it’s time for my favorite bar/restaurant : Motel Mexicola.

Olaaaaaaaaa ! Best best best place ever for mexican food and nice ambiance.


Photo 20-06-16 16 17 12

Talking about my favorites places, here is a baby list of my favorites (there are more but I can’t put all of them or it will be the most boring article ever)


Sea Circus

Motel Mexicola


Healthy spots

Café organic

Nalu Bowls



Motel Mexicola (again!)


Potato head

you’re welcome 😉

Photo 20-06-16 16 17 41

We also tried the national sport : surf my frieeeeeeeeend. Whoohoooooo. Are you ready to drink salt water and fall after 5 seconds ? Totally not going to lie about it, it’s pretty hard but you definitely can do it. And when I say ‘do it’ I don’t mean laying on the board and getting tanned. No no no, I’m talking about the real thing : standing on the board ! hahah

I made it, you can totally do it. Just a quick advice before starting surf lesson : work on your push ups before. If you’re like me and your arms are like pink marshmallows, you’ll have some struggles 🙂


While being in Seminyak, we visited for a day Uluwatu (and Jimbaran). Well known for its wonderful sea view temple, Jimbaran is also the luxurious spot of Bali. Amazing hotels, the chicest place to be.

Uluwatu temple is absolutely wonderful. There are flowers everywhere (yay!), an incredible view on the ocean, monkeys everywhere (yay!)(uh no…). I totally recommend to visit this place even if it’s a bit far (because of the traffic…) from Seminyak.


The day we visited Uluwatu temple, it was crazy hot. 35 degrees and probably 80% of humidity. Our bodies also didn’t had time to adjust yet (it took approximately 3 weeks to adjust, right in time when we were living -_-) but still !

Not too far from the temple are some very paradisiac beaches where you can check out surfers while drinking a Bintang beer


From there, we ended our day by stopping at the Ayana Resort which is in Jimbaran and is probably the most sumptuous hotel I’ve seen. The Rock bar is also a very famous bar in the hotel, but clearly if you don’t have a room there, it might be a bit difficult to get in… However, still in the hotel, just beside, is another bar which has (most probably) the same view as the rock bar.

We saw our very first sunset in Bali there and we weren’t disappointed. The place took our breath away.





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