Revolver Espresso,


Hey ! It’s been a while ! In my defense, I must say that I spent a fabulous month abroad between Indonesia and Greece so I couldn’t really keep the blog up, well… I could, but I’d rather enjoy all the little pretty things abroad 🙂

Well, let me introduce you to the coolest/best/prettiest café in Seminyak in Bali : Revolver Espresso.

When you travel, you quickly notice that coffee isn’t extraordinary everywhere. Could be even terrible in some places. So when you spend a few weeks abroad, you sometimes miss your little morning routine, in other words : café s’il vous plaît !


Revolver 1

Before going for the second time to Bali, I did some research (as   a.l.w.a.y.s) and saw a lot of people talking about Revolver in Seminyak. Like, A LOT. It’s always nice to discover new places, even more places that people haven’t seen yet, but I must admit, when 100% of the reviews you have read say that : REVOLVER IS THE BEST, you just want to try it out 🙂

Well, that’s what we did. Bam ! First day in Seminyak, jumped on the scooter and looked for Revolver Café. First time I entered, it was from a little black door, in a small tiny street I wasn’t sure what to really expect  even if I had seen pictures before. We entered and sat in the first room where it  was already full and I said to myself « that’s strange… that’s not how I imagined it, maybe we aren’t in the right place ? » And well, not at all ! I just didn’t see the rest of the café yet !

What a splendid place. Let’s just talk about the place. The decoration. The atmosphere. Absolutely precious. Already seduced by the place, we tried out the coffee, juices and some bites.

First : the cooooofffeeeeee was sooooo goooood. I mean :  a REAL coffee !

Second : fresh juices with tropical fruits, the kind of thing that I already miss now back in Europe.

Third : the avocado toast with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese : p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n


ANNNNNNNND not like one amazing Revolver café was enough, THEY HAVE A BABY ONE !

revolver 3

We discovered this one by pure coincidence at the end of our roadtrip. We wanted to come back for our last days again in Seminyak and we saw it while driving back to the hotel by pure luck.

The baby Revolver has a perfect name because it is really a baby café ! What I mean by that is that it is very small and cosy at the same time. And what I did like very much about this place, not only the staff which was incredible (next paragraph), there wasn’t too many tourists. I felt like it was more like an expat/local kind of place.revolver 4DSCF3863

We went there twice, not only because the coffee is great but also because the crew was amazing. Thank you for your kindness, your smiles, your help, your good coffee and your happiness 🙂




revolver 5



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