After a first week in wonderful Bali, we took a small plane and discovered Lombok. 30 minutes by plane from Denpasar, Lombok is totally different than Bali. First of all, the religion isn’t the same. Lombok is muslim and has a very interesting architecture, especially when it comes to mosques. Full of colors and huuuuuuge, they […]

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Follow me into the rice fields, the jungle and the healthy spiritual way of life. You can definitely go to Ubud for a day trip, you’ll find thousands of guides taking you there for a day and bringing you back to your hotel in Seminyak (or somewhere else) for dinner time. However, on my point […]

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Seminyak + Uluwatu

For the second time, I went to Indonesia. The plan was to visit as much as possible and not stick to Bali, which I adore since the very fist time. But when you love, my dear, it’s pretty hard to get away. We started our adventure in Seminyak where we had a wonderful hotel (Tony’s […]

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Revolver Espresso,

Hey ! It’s been a while ! In my defense, I must say that I spent a fabulous month abroad between Indonesia and Greece so I couldn’t really keep the blog up, well… I could, but I’d rather enjoy all the little pretty things abroad 🙂 Well, let me introduce you to the coolest/best/prettiest café […]

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