How to create a nice bouquet of flowers in 3 steps

Aaaaaah flowers ! My passion ! I love so so so much plante, flowers and everything which adds a little more of poesy and greenery at home.

Because I moved a lot and didn’t really had a « home » for a few years because of my travels, I used to buy a lot of bouquet of flowers depending on where I was. But since I finally really have a « home » with my boyfriend, there are plants, flowers, veggies (!)  e-ve-ry-where. I just love it. I love to see them grow. See the magnificent evolution of life.

But today, we are going to talk about flower and how to create your very own flower’s bouquet at home.


Capture d’écran 2016-03-25 à 23.57.54

Obviously, it depends on the season, but you have to know that a nice bouquet looks pretty when you start to mix 3 and more type of flowers. On my point of view I’ll say that starting with 4 different kind is the best, hahahaha more is the best.

For an harmonious bouquet, pick flowers with compatible colors. It’s always better to choose different shades of pink and purple or blue and purple. THEN, something really important is to add a touch of lightness. A color which makes the other colors pop out more. Just like…. WHITE ! (I say white, but it could be light orange, light yellow, beige etc.)

And of course, never forget some greenery in your bouquet. Leafs are giving volume and an extra touch of professionalism ; )

For today’s bouquet, I chose some Camélia, Frussia, Iris and some other little white flowers which I don’t know the name. Sorry ! (:  Okay, I have to warn you, I added at the end some tulips which I had left at home from another bouquet. Always more flowers I said !!! 

étape 1

Capture d’écran 2016-03-26 à 00.07.23.png

étape 2

For a simple bouquet like this one, here is what you need. Quite easy no ?

étape 3

This is an important part in buying flowers and doing bouquet. It is really important for the flowers that you cut them before putting them in the water. Make sure to cut them diagonally so they can drink water easily. If you want to make them last longer, you can add half of an aspirin or some powder sugar ( :

Capture d’écran 2016-03-26 à 00.12.37.png

Alright, let’s do it step by step.


First, you place your main flower in the middle.

Then, you surround the first one with some light colored flowers.

A little bit like this …

étape 4

And here comes the professional stuff (which at the end is quite easy).

Place your next type of flower diagonally from the other ones. Just like that.

étape 5

And then you go on and on by adding flowers diagonally and creating a professional bouquet.

When you are finish, cut the flowers so they are all on the same level. And add your rubber band to make sure they stay together in the vase.

At the end it goes like that :

étape 6


étape 7

étape 8


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