How to plan your next trip ?

How to plan your next trip

It seems quite easy to plan a trip when you think of it. Especially nowadays when it is so accessible to book a two weeks vacations on the other side of the world. With all the online offers, travel agents, deals and more, you end up totally lost in the large amount of choice that you have (owwwww first world problem…!)(sorry I taught it was a good joke). No but seriously, when you plan your trip from the beginning to the end and if you are a perfectionnist like me when it comes to see the world, then you need a few basics on how to do it.


Yes, it sounds so obvious when you say it. But think of it. Think of where you would like to go for your next holidays. Because this is what happens when you have a bucket list of places to visit : « I would LOVE to visit Australia. It’s my dream. I will definitely go there during my next holidays. » Yeah, but your next holidays will be in August and darling, it will be winter on the other side of the hemisphere. So, are you really ready to spend 5000€ to go on the other side of the planet and end up in the rainy season ? I don’t think so.

So this is what usually happens. « Wait, don’t worry I have tons of other places ! ». Think smart.

What is your budget ?

This is the most important question when you plan a trip. How much you would like to spend. Is it really wise to go somewhere for a few days only because you are dying to go there and spend all your savings ? Or wouldn’t you prefer to go visit another country, in your budget, and spend two amazing weeks without counting each cents ?

Pick you destination

Well, this is the best part. You have to choose ! Whoohoo. When you did, it’s now time to book your flight ticket, but before always make sur to check if you need a visa or not (just a tiny tip but kind of important at the custom border ;)).

So between you and I (alright, between a big traveler community and you) the best day to book a place ticket is….. drums…. TUESDAY ! Why ? Because it’s an unpopular day to flight out (thanks Google for the answer !)



There is no secret in planning a good trip :  research is the key.

  • Travel books : there are tons of guides. Lonely Planet, Wallpapers, Routard etc. And there are now even available on ebooks ! A lot of people love to buy their guide on paper because after a long trip it’s all dirty and full of memories, but lately the Lonely Planet transformed their travel books in e-books and the results is fantastic. You can use it on your iPhone and you have interactive maps and descriptions.
  • Pinterest : You are totally into Internet, I know it, don’t deny it, so use Internet to plan your trip. For me, I love to use Pinterest at first to have a little sneak peek of what there is to visit. It’s a great way to choose what you want to see or not. That’s the biggest problem of travel books, no images.
  • Local transportation : Don’t forget to look up online how your local transportation works. Seems like a detail, but you won’t go anywhere without it so might be cool to check up before…
  • Accommodations : I guess it all depends on the people, but I always think it’s better to book at least your very first hotel. After a long flight you only want to drop your luggage somewhere and take a shower. Then if you feel like going with the flow and book day after day, it’s also perfect. But at least the first night away from home has to be booked 😉


Pack accordingly

Seems a little shallow for a last point but trust me, men or women, packing is god damn important in a trip.

Let’s say for example you didn’t look up online really well how the weather will be where you are going. Put yourself in the body of a young (stupid) girl who booked a plane ticket for south america in August (Europe side) and landed for a three weeks road trip in Argentina and Bolivia where, at this time of the year, is winter. And Bolivia isn’t kidding with winter. Winter is around -30°. And you though a single wool sweater will be enough. HAHA  let me laugh. So, for that single reason, just pack accordingly.

Second, you definitely don’t want to be on the road, waiting trains, bus, planes, tuk tuk and some other kind of transportations with a 27kg luggage. You want a light backpack, easy to carry.

Third, forget about your 7 pair of shoes, you are not going to Fashion Week. This sentence says it all.

Fourth, don’t bring your shampoo, soap and I don’t know what. You’ll find it there. Ok, not if you are going to Pakistan or Mongolia, but normally you’ll find it. All these product don’t take much space but are so heavy.

Last but not least, don’t forget some medication. Just in case ! If you have tendencies to have migraines like me, bring your pain killer pills or I don’t know what. It’s always relieving to find them when it hurts.


Et voilà ! Don’t forget also to get lost and open your eyes





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