3 days in Ireland

I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland, but every time I got a chance to go on a weekend getaway, I’ve always preferred to visit a sunny place somewhere South Europe. It was always like « yeah let’s visit Dublin ! Oh wait… there is a 30€ round trip to Rome… yes I’ve visited 4 times, yes I know the city like my pocket but….okay! boom ! booked! » over and over again…

But this time I finally booked THE ticket and went there for 3 small days with a friend. 3 days seems short to visit Ireland, and that’s true. You can’t really visit the whole Ireland in 3 days, but you definitely can do a lot including Dublin.

As much as I liked Dublin, you only need half a day (if you walk fast) or a day (okay if you want to daydream) to visit it. The best part of Ireland for me is so far the coast and the countryside.

The weather ? Yes darlings, it rained. Yes it’s Ireland don’t expect caloooooor and sunshine. But you know what ? I didn’t come to Ireland for that and I actually totally enjoyed the rain, the fog, the wind and all the typical weather. It’s part of the country. It’s folkloric !

What to do ?

There are a lot of different options, of course, I’ll share the one we did and which I think was really great (budget and time wise). Notice that we arrived around noon at the AirBnb appartement on Saturday and left at 1pm on Monday. So not 3 full days darlings, but totally duable if you’re a super hero (and I know all of you have a super hero part in you)

Day 1

Didadidadidadouuuuu didadidadouuuuuu (the song in my head when I start a roadtrip) 

We started our Irish day with a nice lunch in a vegan restaurant called Cornucopia in the very center of Dublin. From there, we visited the city by feet starting from Temple Bar, where we were actually staying, to the rest of Dublin.


I really wanted to visit the Old Library of the Trinity College. I really like this kind of atmosphere, especially when it’s a very very old one with old dusty books (not that I’m a weirdo in love with dust, I mean…. you know what I mean…). A little bit touristic, I must admit that the crowd takes the charm away from the library but I was still very impressed by the architecture and the place.


From there, we walked in Temple Bar (again!)(but it’s such a nice district), stopped by George Street Arcade (you absolutely have to stop by this very cute arcade) and went to see St. Patrick’s church.

Temple bar is my favorite spot in Dublin. Especially when it comes to takes a cute cup of coffee, have a Guinness or just enjoy the nice architecture of Dublin.



During Winter, sun goes down pretty early which means Guinness time comes around 4:00pm. You can’t go to Ireland and not taste Guinness, especially that the one from Ireland isn’t the same that the one you drink somewhere else in the world. The only reason for that is that this beer doesn’t like so much travelling. So the one you’re drinking outside Ireland, isn’t made in its original country. And guess what sweet potatoes ? It doesn’t have the same taste at all ! The one in Ireland is way lighter than the heavy ones you tried in Europe. Yeah yeah yeah I know…. but as a matter of fact, I’m not fond of Guinness anyway. And living in Belgium isn’t helping at all, as I personally think that Belgian beers are WAY better than any other  (maybe Czech ones can compete… :))

This big paragraph on beers leads us to THAT time of the day when streets start to become festive, musical and full of joy.

« All pubs here are Irish pubs »

You won’t have any problems finding a nice cute place in Dublin because they are everywhere. Pubs are absolutely charming and cliché. Yes you’ll see drunk people at 6:00pm already, yes you’ll see men watching rugby game on a screen in a pub, yes there will be live music in every fucking single pubs, yes you’ll see Irish people dancing typical Irish dances in pubs, yes, yes and yes ! You’ll love it 🙂


Day 2

6:30am bip bip biiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppp wake up lazy potato

We hit the road at 7:00am sharp. Direction > Irish Coast

2h30 of driving on an empty highway, we arrived at the first stop :

  • Bunratty Castle & Folk Village

Like Scotland, Ireland is well known for its castles, ghosts, mysteries and legends.

Arriving at the opening of the Castle, we had the chance to visit the whole park and castle totally alone… in the fog ! What a nice experience. Not only the whole countryside is pretty and very mysterious but the whole experience was amazing. Visiting a big old castle alone and then the ancient village, today totally empty was a unique moment.

The park is very well restored and you feel like you’re in another era.

Count approximately 1h30 to visit the castle + park


  • Cliffs of Moher

Then you arrive to your second-amazing-unforgettable second stop. And « Oh dear! » what a stop.

That day, that very special day, there was like they said « extreme weather conditions ». No need to explain. You’re on the Irish coast, it’s already usually windy but THAT day, man, it was a continuous gale hitting on the Cliffs of Moher. And we had SO MUCH FUN.

Damn, the wind was so powerful that it was very hard to stay straight on your feet (you can understand here that we fell (pathetically :)). The landscape is absolutely spectacular. You understand why they chose this place for a lot of movies especially Harry Potter.

I’ve never seen cliffs like that before. You feel the power of the ocean. The power of nature and the beauty of it. It is ABSOLUTELY something to do. A must see.



  • Fish & Chips at Doolin Pub

Because after our epic fall  this breath taking experience, we were starving we made a stop at the famous tiny village called Doolin, well known for its Fish & Chips.

Careful, a lot of touristic buses stop by there too.

Tip : continue on the road and find a pub closer to the ocean – less tourists.

  • The Burren’s lunar landscape

If you’re renting a car like we did, you’ll have the best experience of it. The Burren is incredible. Something that you probably have never seen before. The landscape is very unique, no one is on the road, you feel completely alone and you are free to admire the beauty of nature.

Very close to the ocean, the only thing you see on the road are big cows looking at you and wondering why the hell you’re taking a picture of them


You also feel like you’re in an episode of Game of Thrones, lost in the North and desperately looking for a Stark…

  • Driving along the shores of Galway Bay

End your trip by driving along the shores, enjoying the small roads, the tiny villages, the old castle and Nature

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Day 3

Well, depends on how late you wake up, but we spend our last few hours in Dublin exploring the district close to St. Stephen’s Park, famous for its Georgian houses and doors…

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Bisous !


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