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When you visit La Provence, it’s a must for you to stop by Roussillon. A very small village known for its special ochre soil.

I never visited Roussillon before (or maybe once when I was small, that’s what my mom keep saying to me but can’t remember) so imagine my face when I first arrived there and saw how beautiful and colorful this tiny village was.

We went there on a sunny (and WARM) day of summer. I must warn you, you won’t be alone while visiting Roussillon, except if you go there in November of course, but there will be a bunch of other tourists enjoying the beauty of the streets. Roussillon has this specific energy coming from the colorful houses and landscape, it reminds me a lot of some Italian streets with all these yellow-orange colors.

Like a lot of small pretty village in South of France, all of them were built on hills. It was first made to see the attackers coming and also because it was clearly less reachable than any other one. Thank god we are no longer talking of attackers and wars, and this lovely village built on top of the hill gives you an incredible view on La Provence and the valley.

After wandering in the streets of Roussillon, there is a small (30 minutes) trek to do where you can see the beauty of the ochre mountains and how incredible is our nature.

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