Greece is like Italy for me. A place where I find myself. A relaxed and peaceful heaven where my family built a house a few years ago.

Unfortunately I don’t go there very often. I wish I could go more but I also have this terrible feeling and passion to discover new places around the world.

There is something in Greece very specific to the country. The light, the colors, the ambiance is very different from anywhere in the world. Especially the light. Greece is a country full of history, amazing stories, mythology and tales. When I was younger, I used to be obsessed with mythology. Like cra-zy obsessed. I knew all the gods and wars and all the tralalala. And at this time of my life, I was living in Bulgaria, which means super freakin’ close to Greece. Being that close the mythologic country didn’t help my obsession. And one day I grew up and got interested in rock and guitars before getting interested in something else 6 months after…. Aaaaah kids !

All of this to say that this place has a special place in my heart. I would never get tired of ouzo, tzatziki, tarama, fresh fish, olives, the blue sea, the bright light, the sirtaki,  and all the memories I have there.

This place reminds me of my parents. Of all the crazy road trips we did together in our car. It reminds me of this long trip we had starting in France and ending in Bulgaria passing through Greece. It reminds me of boat trips with them, jumping in crystal clear water (which also means the impossibility to jump back on the boat). Of all these ouzo my parents were drinking and me eating as much feta as I could. All the sunburns I got. The feeling of eternal summer. It reminds me the smell of my mum’s cigarettes mixed to the ouzo. The blue eyes of my father. And happiness.

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