Diamanti per tutti,



A few months ago I moved to Belgium for my work. They sent me for a short period in Antwerp, the famous city of diamonds. The short period turned into a long period with no end date, and I’m more than glad about it.

So yes it’s true, there are a L.O.T of diamond shops in Antwerp and they know what they are talking about. For a long time diamonds were a very exclusive stone, expensive and not everyone could afford a precious pretty one.

I was recently invited to the opening boutique of the well known jewelry brand : Diamanti Per Tutti in Gent, where they opened their first boutique. You probably think this brand is Italian, but no no darling, they come straight from Antwerp, the diamond capital, and have a modern and young vision of how women can wear diamonds nowadays.

Diamanti Per Tutti creates modern, sophisticated, timeless designs and all of that for an affordable price. I was more than happy to be invited to their opening store, so you can imagine my face when I received a lovely letter with the choice to pick one jewel (!)



I was looking for a while now for some round elegant earrings which are perfect to wear in any circumstances. Very chic for night time, perfect for a job interview and elegant with just a pair of jeans during summer. Et voilà that I found what I was looking for in their new store in Gent.

I adore jewels. I could have picked e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g in their store. But I have this special affection for earrings which are for me, the perfect accessories to rock your outfit.





Diamanti Per Tutti

Walpoortstraat 20

9000 Gent

 Thank you Diamanti Per Tutti and Turbulence



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