Diamanti per tutti,

  A few months ago I moved to Belgium for my work. They sent me for a short period in Antwerp, the famous city of diamonds. The short period turned into a long period with no end date, and I’m more than glad about it. So yes it’s true, there are a L.O.T of diamond […]

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Souvenirs #1

I have tons of pictures to edit before posting anything here.  So in the meantime, here are some pola’ of my latest trips. From Italy to Greece passing by Belgium, here is what I’ve been up to.  

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Cinque Terre,

Italia !  Amore mio ! Aaaaaaaaaaaah Italy… or my favorite country in the whole world. Since I first visited Rome a few years before, I promised myself I’ll go there once a year, as a retreat, just to find myself again, think and come back more powerful than never. So each time, I discover a […]

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La Table de Maxime,

  We went on a romantic getaway a week ago and made a quick gastronomic stop at la Table de Maxime. On the other side of Belgium, I mean.. on the other side for me (!) as I’m living in Flanders, there is la Wallonie, which is the « french » side of Belgium.  I’ve always wanted […]

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