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I may be a big coffee drinker (people say it’s very french but I think it’s just very european) but I still don’t know a lot (let’s say anything) about coffee. I know the ones I like and don’t, but when it comes to chose between the Colombian, Costa Rican, Brazilian one, I don’t freakin’ know. I just enjoy it.

In Antwerp, there is a LOT of coffee spot. A lot of places where people claim to know how to do the best coffee, the best latte, the-best-whatever. And there is Vascobelo. This place is T.H.E place to drink coffee. It’s their philosophy. They know everything about it and are pretty enthusiastic when you ask them something it about it.

It’s even more than liking the coffee. They « care » about it. What I mean is that they think that every step of making a nice cup of coffee is important. From the beans to the fabrication.

Vascobelo is not only a pretty place in the super-center of Antwerp where you can drink coffee, it’s also an academy. Yes, you heard me well. They teach you in their workshops what makes a good coffee and how to make it right.  You can also just join a Tasting event, to see which coffee is your coffee.

If you’re a coffee lover like me, and you’re visiting Antwerp, I highly suggest you to stop by Vascobelo and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

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