Daily Dose,


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It’s maybe end of March in Europe now, but weather is still crappy. And when I say « crappy » I mean it has been raining for the last week non-stop, cats & dogs and windy. Thumbs up…

So I was searching in my hard drive for some cool sunny pic’, and I found my Californian file full of cool spots and sunshine. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah lovely California… I miss you, you know ?

I previously explained my love for Downtown L.A, but I haven’t talked about Daily Dose. It may be now a very hip café where cool hipsters from L.A hang out, but when I discover it, it was calm and pretty chill.

Hidden in a very small street in Downtown, you can only find the Daily Dose café if you open your eyes and look at the small entrance note. If you’re smart enough you also figure out that all the cute lights and wooden tables are there for some reason….

The door of the café is super hidden in the wall covered by ivy. The barista is super smiling and full of joy. Well, the kind of place where you want to go for a chill latte or if you feel hungry for for tasty tartine.

DSCF2193 DSCF2194 DSCF2188 DSCF2190


Once again, I’d love to go back there with friends and chill in one of my favorite city in the world.

Daily Dose Café 

1820 Industrial St,

Los Angeles, CA 90021




5 réflexions sur “Daily Dose,

  1. Thanks so much for this info! I don’t often make it downtown but I will check this place out next time I am there. I’m always looking for under the radar hangout spots. It’s a shame you’re missing the beautiful California sunshine – but you will always be welcome!!


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