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Oh it’s been a while since my last post on the funny Philippines. This time I wanted to talk about a great-GREAT-great coffee place in Antwerp.

I arrived a few months ago now in the lovely Antwerp and I heard a few times the name « Tinsel » around me. It was on my to-do list but with winter, job, projects, life, love etc… you know… you kinda postpone it for the next week every week.

So, now that I have a little bit time for myself, I fi-na-lly went there and what an amazing surprise. The place is so charming.

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I went there alone on a Monday afternoon. The place was packed, and I guess it’s always the case and it’s normal when you have a look at the menu everything seems delicious and you want to try all the lemonades !

Thanks to a huge front window, the place is full of light. Walls are painted like it’s not really done yet and there are plants everywhere. Super plus to this place : there is a lot of interesting books about decorations & food.

I spent literally 2 hours in the coffee place, drinking all different kind of coffees and lemonades, looking at people and taking pictures. Unfortunately I didn’t try the food but I promised myself to try it next time I go there.

There is also something else which add a little more love to this place… Tinsel is located in Zuid. The very best neighborhood of Antwerp.

Oh and also, at last but not least, waitresses are adorable and very smiling. Laughing with each other. It brings a really cool vibe to the café.

DSCF1350 DSCF1348

This place became my FAVORITE coffee spot in Antwerp and I can’t recommend you more you try it :


Vlaamse Kaai 40

Antwerp 2000

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