Venice Beach,


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When I used to live in Los Angeles, I spent most of my time in Hollywood and Silver Lake. Yes, I know, I wasn’t living close to the ocean, watching surfers all day and drinking shots of grass. But that’s why, every time I went there to spend the day, I REALLY enjoyed it. It was for me, like spending a day somewhere else. A real fresh dose of oxygen.

Venice Beach is huge. You have the cool part, the normal part and the less-cool part (the one crowed by tourists and other strange people hanging around). The cool part is definitely Abbot Kinney which is the coolest-surf vibe street you’ll ever find. But if you want to know everything, my favorite part is Venice Canals.

It’s small, hidden somewhere between Venice Beach and Abbot Kinney, hard to find, but when you did, you discover an amazing pretty small village with surfer houses around canals. The canals of Venice was created by Mister Abbot Kinney, who went to Italy and fell in love with Venice. When he came back, he just wanted to have the same and so, he built some canals close the sea. Created in 1906, he even bough italian gondola so people can use them (this story is so American that I love to tell it. Who else in the world can do that except an american guy ?!)


Close to the canals, there is the trendy Abbot Kinney, where you can drink good coffee while listening to cool people talking about how the « wave » wasn’t that good that morning. A casual day in L.A.

Unfortunately I didn’t take that much pictures of the good places to go for coffee, but you should check out Intelligentsia Coffee.

Once a year, Abbot Kinney organize a big street food festival where you can shop and eat all night long. I’ve been there last year with my dear friend Ashley and spent a great time talking to people and enjoying the L.A vibe.

DSCF2081I discovered the brand Le Labo, which is an amazing perfume shop which is obviously french. Not only the perfumes smells good and you want to buy everything, but the shop was sooooo well decorated ! We literally spent like 1h30 in the shop, just looking around, talking to the people and… enjoying the photobooth !

DSCF2066 (1) DSCF2067Venice Beach is THE place to go when you visit L.A. Of course, it makes all sense. You’re close to the ocean, you can see real surfers, real cool skater boys, beautiful girls spending their day working out waiting to be seen by a producer. Well, you see all the clichés just in a district and you totally enjoy sitting on a terrace and watching the people.

Of course, I’m generalizing, there are a looooooooot of places in Venice Beach where there are real Californian people, far from clichés and absolutely amazing.

I always enjoyed going there and feeling this specific vibe.

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