Happiness Café,


Capture d’écran 2015-01-22 à 16.33.55The real name of this fabulous café in St-Petersburg is « Schaste ». Schaste means happiness in russian. How wonderful is ?

As I said previously, I went on a quick trip to St-Petersburg. We stayed at the Hotel Angleterre, perfectly situated, close to all the main touristic places and especially the Hermitage. At two minutes from there, you can find the lovely and adorable place « Schaste ».

We passed by a few times before entering. Why we never tried it before ? I don’t know. We tough it was only a tea salon and even if we had to warm ourselves up every two hours because of the cold, we never entered in. Until the very last day. What a great surprise. First, the place is not only super cute and well decorated, the food is also soooooooooo gooooooooood. I had a delicious pumkin soup with shrimps and crispy italian bread. My mom had a delicious eggplant lasagna.


I totally fell in love with the place. We were sitting in comfy sofas, having a nice view on snowy St-Petersburg and drinking good coffee.

They serve everything. From macarons to cocktails at night, you can find anything that you want. Waitress are very very nice. Always smiling and very helpful (I told you Russian people are so nice !). If I go back to St-Petersburg, which is probably going to happen, I will definitely go back there.

The place is very very white with some subtil touches of color. There is a little bit everywhere hidden messages, made to inspire you while you have a sip of coffee. It’s a perfect place to stay and think about how amazing is St-Petersburg.


Nevsky Prospekt


191002, Russie


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