Laguna Beach,

DSCF1260_zps9222b2c1Oh I miss California so much. I miss the sunshine, the good vibe, the ocean and the way of life.

How great it is to live in the Sunny State of United States ? Close to the ocean, ready to surf and discover new beaches. When you live in L.A, you have the chance to go on weekend trips not too far and discover beautiful places like Laguna Beach.

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I first discovered Laguna Beach with my dearest friend Ashley during our road trip in California in 2013. We drove along the Californian coast for 3 weeks, from San Diego to Napa Valley. And we stopped by Laguna Beach. The colors, the people, the coast, everything was incredible.

I came back a second time when I moved to L.A end of 2013. We went there on a Saturday with Ashley (always Ashley with me), Johnny and Anne. We prepared a picnic and spent a chill day on the sand playing stupid games and eating cheese. It was November 2013. I remember well, because of the temperature. It was already snowing in New York, and we were there, laughing on the beach under the sun and enjoying life.

I always carry a disposable camera on me. I had one in my bag for at least 9 months. When I came back from the Philippines, I finally went to the photoshop station and saw these old images from my beloved California.

« I like these kind of moments.

Remember to always carry a disposable on you.  »


When I think about these moments, I think of Happiness.




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