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As I previously said in the article on Café Pushkin, I went to Russia last December when it was than cold and snowy. I spent Christmas under a huge amount of snow and with -15 degrees. The real Christmas you’ll say. Well, yes. The real one. But in Russia, even if they don’t spend Christmas on the 25th of December (but on the 6th of January because they are orthodox) they are really not kidding with Christmas lights. And I’m not joking. They are certainly not lazy when it comes to put lights everywhere and decorate buildings like if it’s a Lady Gaga show.


Russia wasn’t on my bucket list, and whaaaaaat a mistake. What an amazing country with so many different cultures. Of course, they are not the most smiling people I’ve ever met. We agree on that. However, they might not be smiling all the time, but they have a big heart always ready to help. And when you finally get a smile for them, you feel like it’s a reward.

I was lost on these big streets of Moscow, trying to go and meet a friend that I haven’t seen for 6 months. So I politely asked to a woman where was the café where I was supposed to go. In a very bad Russian mixed to an english/french language (Russian people don’t speak english. Like it’s pretty rare. So good luck if you get lost) she got what I was asking for. Still with no smile on her face, she took my hand and said in Russian « I’ll bring you there »  How sweeeeeeeeeet is that !

– Go and try in Paris to get directions. People will more spit on your face than take you by the hand. And if they take you buy the hand… well, bad sign, just run away ! haha (sorry French people, I like to make fun of my country) –

So she took me to THE place. Like, not somewhere around. Nah. Like in front of the café’s door. In a foreign country, I’m always trying my best to use the local language. But, my Russian is pretty limited. And this time I really wanted to say a big « Spasiba » (Thank you) to her. So what I said ?


Spasiba Mucho Sophie ?! Seriously ? Like Russian/Spanish ? Yep…. I did it. And between feeling very proud and super ashamed of me, I gave her my best smile and blush and she replied by a laugh and big smile. WHOOHOOOOOOO I made  a Russian person smile and even laugh. I can die peacefully.


After the Red Square, St-Basil’s Cathedral and all the ex-communist monuments, there is ONE thing to absolutely see : the subway.

Yes. Dude. No kidding. Subways there are like operas. It’s more than clean, super safe and most of all, extremely beautiful. Most of the stations look like a cathedral, an opera, a castle…. It’s just amazing what they have done with it.

DSCF1314 DSCF1315 DSCF1304

Moscow isn’t the prettiest city in Russia. Let’s admit it. But I had an amazing time there. People are adorable, Christmas is a real Christmas with snow and all the things that come around, Red Square is beautiful, let’s not talk about St-Basil’s Cathedral which looks like a candy church, subway and a lot more… I’ll certainly come back, but maybe this time in summer ok ?

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  1. Hey! Great pics! Im originally from Moscow but have been living in the UK for majority of my life so Im glad to hear you liked it! Agree, not the friendliest bunch even I feel like a tourist sometimes when I go back but it is pretty in winter so well done for braving the cold and seeing it! If you ever go back definitely try and get tickets to the Bolshoi theatre, so stunning x

    Aimé par 1 personne

    Thank for this awesome photos!
    By the way, we spend Christmas on 7th January, dear ❤ and in Russia, many people speak English! For example, I have a blog in two languages – English and Russian 🙂 you probably just do not quite lucky 😦
    I love your eyes!
    I really liked your blog. now follow you via GFC and waiting for your new posts with interest! you're doing a good job. ❤

    kisses from Russia ❤
    Surprise Inside 7

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. heyyyy i’m very very glad you liked the post on your country. I loved Russia ! Such an amazing country. And you’re right I probably met the only people who didn’t speak English ahah unlucky on that side 🙂 You have such a cool blog too! Love it!
      You’re right about Christmas ! Thank you for noticing and telling me 🙂 love that.
      Can’t wait to go back to your country 🙂
      Bisous bisous


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