Café Pushkin,

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Russia !

I went to Russia two weeks ago to spend the end of 2014. I  survived to a very very VERY cold winter finally discovered this huge and fascinating country.

I only spent 10 days, but I did my best to try to see everything there. I must admit, Russia wasn’t in my bucket list before. I had to go there for family and I totally changed my mind. What a damn good surprise ! Ok, it was cold. No, sorry, free-zing. But still, I had an amazing time discovering russian culture and way of living with these crazy winter temperature and snow.

We had lunch in the very famous Café Pushkin. It’s called « café » but it’s actually a fancy restaurant in an amazing old house in Moscow.

There are two Café Pushkine – the restaurant & the tea salon. Here it’s the restaurant which was built after the well known Russian poete Alexandre Pushkin. It is also kind of famous, not only because of the incredible decoration but because of a French song Nathalie, sung by Gilbert Bécaud in 1964.


Café Pushkin is a world on its own. You enter and there is a Russian valet waiting for you and guiding you in this huge house which is also a five stars restaurant. The restaurant looks exactly like a Russian aristocrat’s home from the 19th century. We decided to have lunch in the « bibliothèque » which was one of the most beautiful place I’ve seen. Everything was in wood and handmade. Books and encyclopedias everywhere .


DSCF1279Service was perfect. They treat you like you’re a member of the Café and let’s talk about the food which was de-li-cious. Russia isn’t well known for food but if you want amazing and well-presented dishes, spend some time in Pushkin’s restaurant.

I had a fresh and tasty salad with shrimps and fruits. Continued with one of the most delicious « magret de canard » i’ve ever had with its cherry risotto (surprising no?) and caramelized pear.

Finished this memorable moment with a Pushkin cappuccino.


Yes, Café Pushkin isn’t the cheapest place to eat. Although, I strongly recommend you to try it and just discover the beauty of the place.




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