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Let’s take a plane and go back to California ?

A year ago, I left everything in Paris, job, friends, family, apartment, rain… and I decided to built my life in the funny United States of America. In Los Angeles. I arrived there alone with my two luggages and hungry for new adventures and a new job.

During my stay in the city of angels, I discovered pretty late Downtown L.A. I didn’t hear so many good things about it so I was just postponing the moment I’ll go there. Whaaaaaaaaat a mistake ! Downtown L.A rocks !

Okay you need to know where you want to go. But there are so many cool spots, cool coffee bars, rooftops, restaurants. Many that I will talk about in other articles.

I first went there with a very good friend of mine, Johnny that I use to call « Johnny Jumper ». Remember I arrived totally alone in this big city. Well this grumpy dude was one of the first person I’ve met. A good partner in crime.

We did all the cool spot in a day, telling to each other « dude Downtown is amazing! » « dude look at this coffee bar and the barista ! So cool… »  Then I came back with my very good friend, Ashley, and we partied on L.A’s rooftops. And that was also memorable.

So, most of the people will tell you « naaaah there is not a lot to see in Downtown, go to Venice Beach ». Don’t listen to them. GO TO DOWNTOWN and discover the place. Thumbs up for Downtown L.A

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