Venice Beach,

  When I used to live in Los Angeles, I spent most of my time in Hollywood and Silver Lake. Yes, I know, I wasn’t living close to the ocean, watching surfers all day and drinking shots of grass. But that’s why, every time I went there to spend the day, I REALLY enjoyed it. […]

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Happiness Café,

The real name of this fabulous café in St-Petersburg is « Schaste ». Schaste means happiness in russian. How wonderful is ? As I said previously, I went on a quick trip to St-Petersburg. We stayed at the Hotel Angleterre, perfectly situated, close to all the main touristic places and especially the Hermitage. At two minutes from […]

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Laguna Beach,

Oh I miss California so much. I miss the sunshine, the good vibe, the ocean and the way of life. How great it is to live in the Sunny State of United States ? Close to the ocean, ready to surf and discover new beaches. When you live in L.A, you have the chance to […]

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Let’s stay a little bit more in Russia, just the time for me to introduce you to the wonderful,beautiful and spectacular St-Petersburg. I went on a quick trip to St-Petersburg for Christmas. Only a few days to visit this incredible city and all the monuments, castles and parks. St-Petersburg is close to the sea, so […]

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As I previously said in the article on Café Pushkin, I went to Russia last December when it was than cold and snowy. I spent Christmas under a huge amount of snow and with -15 degrees. The real Christmas you’ll say. Well, yes. The real one. But in Russia, even if they don’t spend Christmas […]

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Café Pushkin,

  Russia ! I went to Russia two weeks ago to spend the end of 2014. I  survived to a very very VERY cold winter finally discovered this huge and fascinating country. I only spent 10 days, but I did my best to try to see everything there. I must admit, Russia wasn’t in my […]

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Downtown L.A

Let’s take a plane and go back to California ? A year ago, I left everything in Paris, job, friends, family, apartment, rain… and I decided to built my life in the funny United States of America. In Los Angeles. I arrived there alone with my two luggages and hungry for new adventures and a […]

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