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I discovered Croatia a few years ago. I was supposed to go there with a friend that I’ve met in Argentina the summer before, and we wanted to chill together on the beautiful Adriatic coast. Three days before the departure, my friend called me, with a bad news. She couldn’t come anymore. So once again, I took my bag and left for Croatia alone.

I was staying a little bit outside of Dubrovnik, in a nice hotel and my room was a bungalow close the sea. When I say « close to the sea », I mean that my bungalow was at 5 meters from the beach.

Croatia is… amazingly beautiful. The coast is a dream, water is turquoise, people are nice (even if they don’t have such a good reputation) and beer is cheap. You might not drink beer, I didn’t drink at all (not alone, please I’m not desperate) but that’s the first thing they told me when I arrived « Hello Miss, welcome to Croatia ! Beers are super cheap! » okay…. good to know (:

I spent 6 days between enjoying the warm waters of the Adriatic coast and visiting Dubrovnik. Okay, I spent more time visiting Dubrovnik as I’m not the kind of person who can stay 6 hours long sunbathing. Impossible. I get bored.  So I discovered the lovely town of Dubrovnik, which is surround by old fortifications and most of all, which has a view on the sea… which is incredible.

IMG18_effected IMG22_effected IMG19_effectedSomeone told me one day, « the best way to discover a new place is to get lost. » That’s what I usually do when I travel, but this time I really got lost. I spent so many hours in tiny cute streets taking pictures and daydreaming, that it was hard to find my way back home.

IMG46_effected IMG41_effected IMG37_effectedCroatia is wonderful. I only visited Dubrovnik but there are so many other places to visit and I guess the best way to visit it is by boat.  Swimming in these beautiful hidden beaches and in marvelous blue lagoons.

My 6 days alone went pretty fast and even if I know Dubrovnik like my pocket now, I’m sure I missed a lot. I guess the best way is to rent a car and just ride.


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