The Hart & the Hunter,

DSCF2039Let’s jump back in the past and travel to Los Angeles, city which I particularly love because everything started there. But I’ll talk about that another time. Now, let’s talk about this place, hidden in the Pali Hotel on Melrose Avenue.

You first enter in the Pali Hotel, wondering where The Hart and the Hunter could be. You timidly ask to the receptionist who’s used to people like you, a little bit lost, a lot starving.

You discover then, surprised, a luminous space perfectly decorated with blue pastel walls and wood tables. The warm light of California embellish the restaurant thanks to the wide open windows.

DSCF2040 (1)DSCF2046 (1)

You couldn’t say it’s a restaurant. The Hart and the Hunter is more a gustative cafeteria. No service at the tables, you must order at the counter where there are more delicious pastries and lemonade. Oooooh always surrounded by temptations.

The menu is totally inspired by the South of the U.S. So ladies, if you don’t like butter, better not go brunch there because they prepare delicious meals with a l.o.t of butter.  If you let me suggest a plate for you, please try the “Butter biscuits & condiments » – deliiiiiciouuuuuuuuuuuuus – I can still smell it, nine months after.

I discovered this place with my friend Ashley, a american chef now based in L.A, and at this time of our lives we were a lot into the « hey let’s try ALL the good restaurants and cafés in L.A ok? » « yeah ok! but… there are just a thousands to do, are you sure you want… » HELL YEAH ! let’s go and eat »  (you can decide who’s saying what, at the end we both love food a little bit too much). As always with Ashley, we discover cute places with good food and we talk and talk and talk until the sun goes down and until it’s time to go out again for dinner – if you’re now picturing me like a walking stomach, well yes, I must confess, I am...-

DSCF2041 (1)Oh yes, that’s me taking a picture in the toilets. Not for the selfie, more to show you that even the rest rooms are pretty cute.

The Hart and the Hunter

7950 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90046





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