DSCF1012Capture d’écran 2014-12-14 à 17.01.08 I went on a quick weekend getaway for my birthday this year in Amsterdam. It’s been such a long time that I haven’t been in my country (half french-half dutch). I re-discovered the beauty of this Dutch city with Larissa, and enjoyed every little streets and cafés we could found on our way.

Amsterdam is not only charming by its canals, small street, cute little doors, bicycles everywhere (when I say everywhere it’s like… e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e), it’s charming on a lot of little details that magazines and guides never talk about. Every little thing is picked and decorated with so much taste. Cafés are at the same time cosy and design. Doors are surrounded by plants. Bicycles have flowers around their basket. People are beautiful and tall. And the architecture is so different from anywhere else. I mean, you can easily recognize the Amsterdam architecture by its small houses like this :


At this time of the year, some countries in Europe celebrate St-Niklaas. It’s also at the same moment that cities open their christmas market. We struggled a little to find a place where to stay. Everything was incredibly expensive and booked. But since I’m travelling more and more, most of the time I use AirBnb, which is a perfect deal between  quality and price.

This time, I found a place just at the entrance of the canals, perfectly located and close to a lot of hip and cool bars and cafés. The place is owned by a cool dutch designer, who gave a minimalist and designed ambiance to his apartment.


Instead of renting a bicycle, we walked and walked and walked around all the different districts which was a pretty cool way to get lost and discover more than we could have by bike.

So we stopped a lot, amazed by the cuteness of the place « Dude look at this door it’s so small ! How cute is that » (I was talking about that ), found amazing places like Back to Black, almost died hit by a thousands bikes.

After walking around all the canals, I begged Larissa to take me to the flower market. Netherlands is the country of tulips (even if it’s originally from Turkey but whatever, we keep that for ourselves). We found different kind of species and also a lot of other tourists. So we quickly went somewhere else less crowded.



For my 24th birthday, we had dinner in a gastronomic restaurant called Momo where they serve an « asian-fusion food ». As any gastronomic restaurant, it’s pricey and plates are for Polly-pockets. Although, I must admit we tasted some new flavors and were satisfied by our fancy-birthday dinner. The rest of the night was more about discovering cool bars with an old friend of mine that I met in Copenhague a few years before while backpacking.

We continued to visit the day after, and Larissa took me to the Red Light District to celebrate my birthday. Well that’s not what you think it is. We just passed by and walked around, more curious than anything else.

Even under the rain, Amsterdam is more than lovely. I wouldn’t mind if my bosses send me to Amsterdam a few months for my job. I can definitely see myself with a bike, buying flowers every week and live in a nice apartment with view on the canals.

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