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There is something that I love to do every Saturdays, is the market on the Theaterplein in Antwerp. It’s a huuuuuuuge market with local, exotic, Turkish, Moroccan products but most of all, flowers ! I usually spend an hour or two just looking around and buying flowers and after that… well, it’s time for a delicious lunch.

Last time, I discovered the restaurant De Foyer, in the Theater Bourla.

DSCF0957First of all, it’s a place quite impressive. Under a red, velvet dome, a lot of Belgian people come here to enjoy a cup of tea or to have lunch.

Most of the time, it’s pretty crowded. I wish I could have seen this place just for myself and take a lot more pictures but I guess it’s impossible to have lunch in this amazing place just for yourself.

The place isn’t a hipster place. Not at all. It’s a chic and elegant restaurant in Antwerp where I definitely recommend you to have a cup of tea with some pastries.

On my side, I tried the lunch and had a salmon with a delicious sauce which I totally ignore the name. Not only the plate was pretty, but it was super-tasty.

DSCF0958If you want my advice (even if you don’t you’ll have it) go here ! Go, try and tell me. I just recommend this place for a tea time more than a brunch, but in any case, you need to go see this fabulous place.

De Foyer 

Komedieplaats 18

2000 Antwerpen






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