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Yes, of course I went to Capri after the wonderful Amalfi Coast. And of course I loved it. Even if it didn’t start so well, the end was way much better.

Capri is a tiny island in front of the Amalfi Coast. It’s actually just a rock. A pretty rock, but still… a rock.

We took the boat from Sorrento, sunbathing and swimming in the crazy turquoise blue Mediterranean sea. We did the whole round trip of the island by boat. It was pretty. Yes, but I definitely preferred walking around the island and discovering the small village of Capri.

So… that’s what we did ! After the whole morning on the sea, we walked around the flowery and colorful Capri.

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Capri is well known for being the famous getaway of celebrities in the 50’s – 60’s. It used to be the secret island for the jet set at this time. Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly or even Valentino were dancing all night during summer.

Today, it’s a luxurious island. With wonderful hotels. Amazing terraces. Incredible shops and the most well-known ones.

Besides all of this flossy-flossy side, Capri is a peace of heaven. And if you’re tired of this whole glamorous side, there is Anacapri. The little Capri, up on the hill and waaaaaaay more chill and traditional.

Anacapri, Capri, the blue sea, the gelato, the sunshine and the Italians…. what a dream. I guess I would like to go back.

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