Back to Black,

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I guess when you like coffee, cool coffee places find you wherever you are.

While re-discovering the lovely city of Amsterdam, getting lost in these multiples cute streets close to the canals, we found Back to Black. I first saw the outside of the coffee place, super cute, very simple, huge white windows, tiny benches in wood with cool blond people sipping black coffee.


We had just finished lunch at Café George , (suuuuuuper good restaurant, and decoration is pretty nice) and we though about walking and discovering the city. More than sitting again and having a coffee. Well… there is the thing, I’m French. And as a French person, I love coffee after lunch. And most of all, I’m lazy. Well… we like enjoying life 😉

So I convinced my partner in crime, Larissa, to enter and take a thousands of pictures. We had an amazing Soy Chaï Tea Latte (remember my new addiction ?) and I took a thousands of pictures while Larissa was gently reading a cool dutch magazine.

The place is bright, very bright and the decoration is very Scandinavian. A lot of wood which gives a warm tone to the place. The whole bar is made in wood, offering pastries, cookies, candies and other delicious sweet stuff.

It’s a cool place where to stop before discover the beauty of Amsterdam.

Back to Black

Weteringstraat 48


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