DSCF0985In a tiny street, close to the Meir in Antwerp there is Coffeelabs. A pretty cool place to chill, study, hang out with friends or just calm down around a nice cup of coffee.

As soon as you enter, you feel like in a New-Yorker open space. The place is esthetically-clean and simple. The design is raw and practical. Huge windows at front. Huuuuuuuge window at the back. Exactly what I like.  I would love to have an office like that. A heaven for creativity, chat, productivity and most of all… coffee !

DSCF0988 DSCF0987

As my addiction for the moment is a good Soy Chaï Tea Latte, I was curious to see if this place had some. It’s pretty hard to find a good chai tea latte, but in Antwerp, it’s even harder just to find some. I had a look on the menu, quickly saw something which sound like a chaï tea latte. Double confirm with the cool-coffee barista. And…. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! Whoohoo.

Soy Chaï Tea Latte’s mark : 8/10

DSCF0971 DSCF0984Something else which I particularly like about this place, they provide your tables with fancy cool magazines and one of the hardest to find : Monocle.

It’s really a place where people come together. You find all kind of people, from parents to young students working on a fashion project, Coffeelabs is a real creative place.

Haven’t tried the food, but from what I saw (especially the pastries) it looked delicious. They are open from Monday to Saturday and do Brunchs! Everything is homemade and organic so…. no excuses to check this place out.


Lange Klarenstraat 19

2000, Antwerpen





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