Apéritif with Larissa,


Larissa is a photographer. An architecture photographer, working on a lot of different kind of projects but mostly for the Elle Deco Belgium.

I’ve met her when I arrived in Antwerp two months ago. What a small world, when you enter once in the Elle’s world, you keep meeting them a little bit all over the planet.


Larissa comes from Antwerp in Belgium. Germano-Armenian and a Belgian native, she lives a little bit outside of the touristic center of Antwerp in a lovely neighborhood called Wilrijk.  When I first met her, I didn’t know she was working as a architecture photographer. I just entered in her living room, and though myself  « damn, I want the same apartment when I’ll move to Hong Kong » (…of course Sophie, keep dreamin’…)


Everything is very delicate. Neutral, warm and cozy tons are all over the place. The whole apartment is decorate with such a good taste that I won’t be surprised if one day it will be featured in a decoration’s magazine.




When you ask her, what does she like the most in her job, she says with a big smile, full of enthusiasm « I get the chance to see sumptuous houses  decorated by incredible and talented designers ! That’s my favorite part of the job. I get everyday more and more inspired« .

Because at the end, even if Larissa is talented, her thing is actually the Cinéma. She studied cinematography in Scotland, and instead of going to London or L.A as everyone else, she decided to come back home and work for the Belgian cinema, which is now booming like crazy.

Not only she has a great sense of decoration and estheticism, Larissa is someone passionate about a lot of different things. Photography, cinema, travels, cooking etc. She is also into something that I never really cared about before : the healthy way of life.

Even if I spent a few months in L.A with these crazy macro-bio-energy-flex-vibe food that you can find over there, I never really spent much time looking at where the products are coming from blablabla. But Larissa once said « you know, there are three things important for a healthy life : good food, a good bed, good shoes. »

Little by little, she became my guru in terms of healthy food but most of all, but most of all, she became a friend.

DSCF0750 2





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