New York,



Oooooh New York,

I can write words and words about this city that I discovered kind of late in my traveller’s life. My first step on the American country was in September 2011. I went there to see a very good friend of mine, Ashley, that I met at the Elle Magazine a few years before. Ashley is american living in the city that never sleeps (ok no, she is now living in sunny Los Angeles) she one of the most passionate person that I know. She started in the fashion industry with me and decided that this field wasn’t really matching with her desires and aspirations. So, she is now a chef in L.A.

Going back to the big Apple, I visited for the first time NY, in a warm and humid September with a friend (the one with who I went to Rome). Streets were so huge, lights were everywhere, people running around with take-away coffees, so many small and fascinated details of the New-York way of life.

But the moment that this city really hit me was definitely when we went out one night to party like crazy. I can’t remember well, but I think we went back and forth between the Lower East Side and Meatpacking, drinking a lot of cocktails and talking to a lot of americans. So yes, I must admit, being French in the United States is quite nice, people are fascinated by your accent (small or big) and can’t stop smiling at you when you talk even when it comes to the Palestinian subject. Whatever, that night, our accents gave us some nice free cocktails and a lot of laughs the day after. Our plane was the day after, and we promised ourselves to come back home before midnight saying to each other « we can’t miss the plane dude, we can’t ».

4 hours past midnight, we decided it was time to come back home. Well…. we tried to come back home. Ashley came back home way before us and of course, at this time of the night she couldn’t hear us ringing like crazy. Ashley didn’t wake up, we were spending more time laughing and smoking cigarettes downstairs than waiting for her to -maybe- hear the ring. So we decided to walk. We never expected a single place open at this time of the night. Of course everything is open darling, it’s New York ! E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g was open. We gently ate pancakes and had coffee at 4 in the morning with a lot of other people, pretending it was normal. I’ll make it short after the pancake’s episode, we finally woke up Ashley, went to bed, slept a few hours and took our plane back to Paris.

This whole story to say that I adore New York and since that time, I went there 3 times.





Bryant Park and the New York Public Library,
such a nice spot to chill.





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