Apéritif with Larissa,

Larissa is a photographer. An architecture photographer, working on a lot of different kind of projects but mostly for the Elle Deco Belgium. I’ve met her when I arrived in Antwerp two months ago. What a small world, when you enter once in the Elle’s world, you keep meeting them a little bit all over […]

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I was 19 when I grabbed my backpack and took a plane for South America. I just started at the Elle Magazine at this time and during summer I had this idea of visiting South America for a month. Clearly in a month, you can only visit two countries, the continent is so huge. I […]

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  In the lovely town of Antwerp, there is lovely restaurant called Perruche. It may sound like the beginning of a fairy tale, but this place deserves such a good introduction. It is really charming. This is typically the kind of place that I like. Food is not expensive. Drinks are « amaz’balls » -no kidding, all […]

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    I went to Bali this year for my job. I was waiting to know if I’ll be going to the biggest television convention in Asia. One day, my boss called, and…  yeah, they flew me to Bali a week after ! Whoohoo, I was so excited about this trip. Even if I had […]

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New York,

  Oooooh New York, I can write words and words about this city that I discovered kind of late in my traveller’s life. My first step on the American country was in September 2011. I went there to see a very good friend of mine, Ashley, that I met at the Elle Magazine a few […]

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  If Rome is my first article is because of the love that I have for this city. Not only the city, but the whole country. I fell in Love with Italy in 2010, when I was still a student in advertising and we were escaping from university as much as we could to discover […]

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